Angela Iliadis is an award-winning artist and an educator living in Sydney, Australia. Her works can be found in Australia and overseas. Angela has a Master of Education and a Master of Art and she works across a range of media and a variety of approaches, working predominantly in painting and drawing but also venturing into printmaking, digital photo art and collage.

Her works seek to use lines, colour and other elements of art and principals of design to create artworks that evoke feelings. She is inspired by nature, colour, lines and the creative process.

Her background and continued work in art education informs much of her expanded practice, focusing on teaching as a form of socially engaged art. She is interested in the relationship between approaches to teaching and approaches to making.


“Make Your Mark  – Working from Nature to Abstraction”       

… Artist as inquirer

Since childhood I have felt a close connection to natural environments and over time this has been evident in my art practice. My love of nature inspires me to inquire about the spiritual connection to landscape and nature.

The landscape is what connects us with the past and the future. I have a keen interest in photographing marks and collecting objects from the landscape. As we study the marks made by those before us, future generations will study ours. It is important to observe and engage in the real world by responding to the environment – place, condition and mood as this allows you to become the main instrument of art making. But it is also important to engage in our inner world as this results in freedom and originality. By reducing the landscape imagery into simplified often ambiguous shapes, the viewer is challenged to visually reassemble a world or impression from the given forms. I would like my works to oscillate between imagination and real experience.

In Search of Imagination: Constructing a Praxis of Creative Effort
“I create art because I believe that art is part of who we are. We need art because it makes us complete human beings. Art is healing and we need art to keep us healthy. Art is communication and we need art to have a full range of expression. Art is a shared experience, it keeps us connected and offers a reason to come together and share in an experience.”

Angela Iliadis