Angela has been conducting art classes, workshops and demonstrations for many years.  She is currently holding regular classes for the St George Art Society helping their members (and non-members) develop creative skills and techniques in both drawing and painting.

Some of Angela’s recent demonstrations held for various art groups are shown in her News section.

If you would like any further information on Angela’s upcoming classes or demonstrations, she would be happy to hear from you.

New Art Classes

“Make Your Mark” School Mentoring Program

The “Make Your Mark” School Mentoring Program is an initiative of the St. George Art Society, designed to activate, engage and inspire creative thinking and art making by local young artists. 

Angela conducted the recent “Make Your Mark” session held on Thursday 1st September at the Kogarah School of Arts.  

She set up 2 sections for the students;

Task number 1 was a step-by-step exercise using mixed media.

Task number 2 involved painting with black ink on shiny paper using unconventional drawing tools.

Here are a few images of the students’ artworks produced on the day.

St George Art Society ‘ArtAbility’ Classes


The St George Art Society ‘ArtAbility’ Classes are held on the second and third Tuesdays of each month at the Kogarah School of Arts in Sydney.  Classes run from 2pm to 4pm. 

These classes which are available to both members and non-members of the St George Art Society, are interesting and informative, and always very enjoyable.


SGAS ‘ArtAbility’ Class - 22nd November - Painting with Palette knives

Angela’s class held on the 22nd of this month was all about painting with palette knives only, – no brushes!

This can often encourage students to apply much thicker paint, and produce beautiful bold colourful artworks.  

Here are some of the artworks produced at the session. 

SGAS ‘ArtAbility’ Class - 15th November - Painting Flowers

Angela’s previous ArtAbility class was all about creating floral artworks, which was another very enjoyable afternoon of painting.  

Jillian who attended the session was inspired by a recent demonstration held at the St George Art Society by Melissa Read-Devine, and another attendee, Xiao Jin just loves flowers.


Here are a few photos of the lovely paintings created in the class.

SGAS ‘ArtAbility’ Class - 8th November

ArtAbility class held on the 8th November introduced various techniques in creating sculptures using Air Drying Clay.  

SGAS ‘ArtAbility’ Class - 18th October

This ArtAbility session at the St George Art Society focused on exploring the following Watercolour Techniques.

  1. Wet in Wet – Wet paper first and then apply the paint.
  2. Dry Paper – Apply the paint to dry paper.
  3. Gradient – Paint colour from dark to light.
  4. Masking Fluid or Oil pastel -Apply masking fluid or draw with an oil crayon and paint over it.
  5. Salt – Add rock salt to wet paint and let it dry. Add table salt to wet paint and let it dry.
  6. Pulling out Colour – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet pull off some colour with a knife.
  7. Paint and Plastic Wrap – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet cover it with plastic wrap and wait for it to dry. Remove the plastic wrap.
  8. Paper Towel – Apply some watercolour paint and while still wet dab it with a paper towel to lift colour off.
  9. Splatter and Drip Paint – Use a straw to blow the paint around, load a paint brush or a toothbrush with watercolour and splatter paint, drip paint using an eyedropper.

ArtAbility class held on the Tuesday 13th September again consisted of 2 sections

Task 1   Creating value using lines, shapes & crosshatching

Task 2   Painting using a palette knife.                                    

ArtAbility class on the 23rd August, consisted of 2 projects, the first was Self Portraits using a mirror and with blind continuous line drawing using charcoal, pastels and/or watercolours. 

The second part of the class concentrated on Still Life Drawings, again using mediums of charcoal, pastels and/or watercolour. 

ArtAbility class on the 16th August focused on techniques of marbling with shaving cream which resulted in many colourful creations.

Artability class on the 9th August once again focused on encaustic painting and also Mixed Media.

ArtAbility class held on the 12th July explored encaustic painting. 

Photos taken from Angela’s classes held in June.

Earlier photos taken from the classes held in April.

Critique Nights at the St George Art Society

The St George Art Society organise  ‘Critique Nights’ for their members which are held on the 1st Thursday of each month.

Now held at the Ramsgate RSL, these events are hosted by a guest artist who views the artworks of members and provides constructive advice. 
An “Artwork of the Month” is also selected.

I was invited as guest artist for both the May and June Critique Nights.  At the most recent June Critique Night, I selected two fantastic artworks, by Julie Agnew and Joanna Moschella.

Below are a few images from the SGAS evening on the 2nd June.

Julie Agnew with her artwork ‘The Lion’

Joanna Moshella with her artwork
‘Butterflies in the Fields’